#SCSYSL Information for Parents

Code of Conduct

Parents are expected to behave just as the players and coaches are.

Parents are expected to familiarize themselves with Soccer Laws.

Remember: all referee’s calls are final, some of our referees are still learning, there are no dogs allowed at the field, and you are forbidden from drinking alcohol, smoking anything, or vaping/using an ecig at the fields.
Your language should be child appropriate! SCSYSL reserves the right to bar anyone from attending games based on their behavior at the field.

You are certainly encouraged to cheer on your team, keep your child near the coach at all times, bring a portable chair, wear sunscreen when appropriate, and be awesome!

View our Complete Parent Code of Conduct.

SCS Field Locations

Harmon Elementary

U10 Field

Gaffke Park

U10 Field

Kyte Monroe Park

U12, U14 Fields; Scooter Shooters

SCSYSL Scooter Shooters Field Layout

Scooter Shooters Field Layout

Metro Travel Away Fields

Macomb Community College

South Campus; Field next to Martin Road