#SCSYSL Meetings, Events, and Schedules

#SCSYSL Events

  • Picnic: June 3rd @ Veterans Memorial Park; 10am-3pm

    General Membership Meetings

    General Membership Meetings are currently on hold but we are trying to bring them back in the near future. If you are interested in these, please contact our Secretary.

    Game Schedules

    The season is about to start and we hope you all have a wonderful season!

    Please DO NOT PRINT game schedules. If they change, you will not have an accurate schedule!

    As a reminder, please do not print the schedules as they are likely to change with any reschedules. Save the link to this page to access the schedule quickly!

    Scooters Schedule
    U6 Schedule
    U8 Schedule
    U10 Schedule
    U12 Schedule
    U14 Schedule

    Game Rules

    3v3 Tournament Rules

    Round Robin Rules

    Metro Soccer (U12 & U14) Rules

    Scooters “Rules”

    U6 Rules

    U8 Rules

    U10 Rules