Refund Policy

There are no refunds after registration has closed…with ONLY one exception…

In the event we cannot find a coach for your child’s team or there aren’t enough players for a team, you will receive a full refund. This is the only exception after registration has closed.

Concussion Information

Concussions aren’t something to mess around with. Please read the article, CONCUSSION: LET’S TAKE BRAIN INJURIES OUT OF PLAY, from US Soccer about concussions, prevention, symptoms, and treatment.

Can I leave the field during Games or Practices?

Our coaches are all volunteers. However, they are not babysitters. Please do not leave the field during games or practices. In the case of an actual emergency, please talk to your coach.


Included in the registration fee is up to 8 games (weather permitting) and for U8 and above, State Certified Referees. Scooters and U6 coaches will referee their own games. Your player will also be covered under our league’s insurance in case your player has an injury at a practice or game; insurance does not cover Covid-19 related care or services. In the Fall, there is a 3v3 tournament for U8 and above. In the Spring there is a Round Robin Tournament for U8 and U10. We have a 5-v-5 tournament for U12 in the Spring. In addition to that, we will have a U14 vs Coaches game in the Spring.

What does it cost?

Scooter Shooters are $100 for new players, $75 for players returning from the previous Fall season. U6 is $105 for new players, $75 for players returning from the previous Fall season. U8-U14 is $130, $100 for players returning from the previous Fall Season. These costs are per season, not per year. Seasons are Fall and Spring. New players are required to purchase a t-shirt (for Scooters) or a jersey (U6-14) from the league; which is why there is an added fee.

**What happened to the Uniform Ordering?

Starting with the Spring Season in 2023, uniforms for U6-U14 will be ordered by SCSYSL and distributed to coaches and then distributed to parents. Scooter Shooters will still receive a t-shirt for participation in the season. This is the least expensive route for registration fees. An extra added bonus is that players can wear the same uniform until they grow out of it, season after season; maybe pass it down to their younger siblings as well. In the end, this helps us keep cost lower and saves the league and it’s volunteer coaches a lot of time.

Why did the pricing structure change?

The cost to run the league has gone up substantially since the pandemic started. The price of soccer balls, other equipment, insurance, city fees, and uniforms are some of the costs that have changed our pricing structure. We aren’t happy we had to change the price, either. Season after season, we look for ways to decrease our costs.


Scooter Shooters offers new players ages 3 1⁄2 to 5 years old, with no experience, the chance to learn soccer basics. Important early skills such as ball control and safety will be taught. Each session is an hour long with the time divided between skills development and an inter-squad game. There are up to 8 sessions each season. This program is limited to the first 64 children that sign up. Players entering their second Fall of Scooter Shooters should play U6, not Scooter Shooters.


The only thing that is required is shin guards and soccer cleats; no toe cleat! Scooter shooters and U6 players may wear tennis shoes, but cleats are required for U8-U14. You must buy your own, the league does not supply them. During games and practices, shin guards must be worn and completely covered by soccer socks or weather appropriate pants.


Each Scooter Shooters session begins with 30 minutes of practice. For U6-U14, practice schedules vary per each, volunteer coach.

When do they play?

Scooters and U6 will play on Sundays and Wednesdays. Games can start between noon and 1 on Sunday and 6pm on Wednesdays.

U8 plays on Mondays and Wednesdays.

U10 plays on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

U12 and U14 games are typically on the weekends.

These game days are dependent on fields and referees for some divisions. There may be an odd game on a day not described here. Rest assured, we do our best to adhere to this game day schedule.


Scooter Shooters (described above), Under 6 (u6), Under 8 (u8), Under 10 (u10), Under 12 (u12) and Under 14 (u14). All of our age groups are co-ed, based on birth year.

To see the birth years, please, visit MSYSA’s Age Group Eligibility Chart. This chart determines the minimum age group of your player. Children may play up with authorization from the league, but they may not play in a younger age division, regardless of skills.


SCSYSL does not work on a “draft system”. Instead, aside from Coach Requests, our system is blind to everything except birth year and is completely random. Our board members and coaches do not choose who is on their teams. In the event that Coach Requests result in imbalanced teams, SCSYSL reserves the right to not honor a Coach Request.


While we do our best honor Coach Requests, we do NOT honor player requests or requests that players play on the same team as class mates. In the past, player requests has turned our registration process into a nightmare and caused an imbalance for our coaches and teams. The imbalance causes some teams to have 7 players and other teams to have 11 players, which is not helpful for our coaches.


Metro Travel is what we call our U12 and U14 divisions. These divisions play other rec teams from neighboring communities like Grosse Pointe and Roseville. There are home games and away games. Please see web site for field locations.


Volunteer Coaches are always needed. Please contact Coach Mike, our Director of Coaches if you’re interested in coaching.

I have a problem with a referee…

Referees are hard to come by these days; it has become a dangerous job. If you’re concerned and feel that you could do better, please take the course, become certified and help out within SCSYSL. SCSYSL does pay it’s referees, we don’t expect them to do this job for free.

Please keep in mind that it is ok to ask a referee to clarify a call during half time, but it is not ok to approach them during the game or berate them at any time you are on a field. Most of our referees are young children; Michigan Law says that abuse of an official under the age of 18 is considered child-abuse. They have also stated that abusing an official 18 and over is punishable by law. Please let Coach Dan or our head referee know if you have an issue with a referee. Their contact information is available on the Board of Directors page.


These are soccer games with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field. These are fun games that involve the players more because fewer players are sharing one ball.


As a league, we do not require fundraising. However, you are more than welcome to do fundraising on your own or as a team. We support this 100%. In 2020, we took a survey of the league’s parents with surprising results; which is why we do not do any fundraisers as a league. Overwhelmingly, 70% of the league’s parents did not want anything to do with fundraising, saying that “it’s inconvenient and takes up too much time.” Instead, we do ask each parent for $5 to help with the cost of raffled off items at our League’s Annual picnic at the end of the Spring Season.

Important Contact Information

Have an issue? Contact to reach out to all board members.

Have a registration question? Email